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At EMSi, we believe businesses today operate in a wonderfully small and wonderfully diverse world, and that leveraging technology brings us all a wealth of opportunity to thrive in it!

Practically speaking, we are deep, broad and practiced when it comes to both data center and cloud technology options, strategies and operations, but we believe our strength actually builds out from here. Our proficiency to extend the reach of corporate applications and integrate data with an organization’s edge locations to support not just Front Line Efficiency and Productivity but Organization Wide Business Continuity, AI for business process automation, BI for truly real time management decision making and so forth, makes us unique. On land, on water, under water or in the air, we have a host of both practical use cases and experience to share in the following IT Business Solution arenas.

Data Management Technology

Make no mistake, data is and will continue to be the terrace to support organizational growth as well as endeavors to optimize logistics and operations.  Truly leveraging data, that is to platform the formulation of information, hinges on sound data management, that is its efficient and encompassing amalgamation, storage and protection.
Intuitively such reaches in from the edges of an organization and back, requiring a cohesive technology strategy crafted on interoperability. To today’s generation of technology solution designers, such truly goes without saying, and the better of today’s generation of data management products facilitate just that by presenting a spectrum of options for primary, secondary and remote locales.
From primary, seconary and peak provisioning to disaster recovery and backup, we offer clear illustration then sound technology options for hybrid and cloud-integrated architectures, that is products and platforms from the world’s leading providers implemented by EMSi.

Data Intelligence Platforms and Information Building Solutions

As we move more and more quickly into digitalized economies, organizations endeavor to effectively evolve and recast their business models. Intuitively for many, such inspires and embodies organizational wide reflection and development with apt advancement hinging on crafting a comprehensive understanding of our clients, our capabilities and our competitors. Cornerstone to this is leveraging organizational data with appropriate data analysis tools and techniques to build the information necessary to support the respective decisions and implementations.
Technology wise, building intelligence platforms start with sound data management solutions as they of course platform the tools to build the information the organization requires. For intelligence platforms themselves, today a wealth of robust and versatile product platforms and data science toolsets are readily available to support both analytical and predictive capabilities. Some general and some industry focused, these solutions offer everything from real-time operational analytics to AI, applied machine learning and computational intelligence.
At EMSi we help you formulate your goals, architect an appropriate data intelligence strategy and navigate, select and implement an inclusive data intelligence platform. Practiced in Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Defense, Media, Ocean Industries, Logistics, Law Enforcement and Legal, Education, Health and a host of Retail verticals, we deliver results.

Platform Computing and Virtualization

Certainly nothing new but certainly an opportunity for continuous imporvement, ambitious firms look systematically to platform and virtualization technologies to optimize compute utilization, empower mobility and enhance security. Publishers like Microsoft, Citrix and VMWare along with manufacturers like Cisco, HPE and Dell-EMC offer interative, cohesive options to reduce application deployment cycles, expand access, bolster performance, and reduce operating costs.
At EMSI, our well-experienced team of credentialed engineers and sales consultants offer a comprehensive suite of deployment planning, implementation and support services to help you successfully architect, deploy, manage and continually evolve your product set.

Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database Support Solutions

DBMS management is cornerstone to both the majority of enterprise application software deployments and a very rapidly increasing number of digital business models, and hence is a key directive of IT Management professionals in their Data Management and Platform Computing architectures and product choices. Consequently, competencies with the leading DBMS products, particularly Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database technologies, are integral to our work.
Our practiced competencies with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database products reach far and wide. Our professional support service offerrings focus on deployment planning to scale and efficient data protection in On-Premsie, Hybrid or Cloud Integrative architectures. We work to ensure appropriate performance and dependability vis-à-vis effective strategies and expertise for infrastructure sizing and benchmarking, application management and operational insight, business continuity, access and augmentation.

IT Service and Support Management

Crafting and implementing an IT Service Management (ITSM) strategy to cost-effectively support the delivery of an ever-expanding portfolio of IT services is a challenge that today is gaining increasing focus with IT professionals. Today’s competitive, digital business environment relies on IT and IT relies on ITSM to ensure optimizedl, reaching operations.

The foundation of an effective ITSM framework is the fusion of people with technology into a discipline that is supported by processes derived from industry best practices. Knowledge is power and timing is critical. At EMSI, our consulting experts help you design, build, manage, and evolve an IT service operation with a suite of offerin
gs wrapped around the ITIL methodology using a portfolio of ITSM products.

Microsoft Collaboration Services

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, our certified engineers provide a suite of design and migration services for the 365 product suite, Azure and SharePoint. From provisioning configuration to hybrid architectures for Microsoft application sets to Multi-Cloud interfaces for BackUp, our well-experienced team of credentialed engineers and sales consultants have a wealth of insight to share.

Technology Hardware and Software Fulfillment Services

At EMSI we sell and support many of the technology products of the leading industry manufacturers including NetApp, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell-EMC, Schneider Electric – APC, Cisco, WatchGuard, Panasonic, McAfee, Symantec, FortiNet, Microsoft, Veeam as well as many others.
With a focus on prompty presented quotations and automated order tracking, EMSI today provides product fulfillment solutions to many profiled and leading companies and public sector organizations.